Genome Sensor™

When you want to know something about the world, you google it. While these luxuries are at our fingertips, finding out information about our own genetics is not as accessible – we are going to change that.

Genome Sensor is the first of its kind that can google genomes for genetic mutations of interest. Powered by Cardea’s Biology-gated Transistors and CRISPR-Chip™ technology, Genome Sensor unlocks endless possibilities.

Watch CRISPR work in a way you have never seen before. By using the search power of thousands of CRISPR-dCas9 molecules, Genome Sensor enables faster, affordable, and more accurate readings of genetic data right at your work bench.
Genome Sensor uses graphene biosensor chips


Connect CRISPR-Chip to Genome Sensor

Genome Sensor needs no amplifications for sequencing


Run the Assay

Get immediate answers with the Genome Sensor


Prompt the Software

Get immediate answers with the Genome Sensor


Get the Results

Want to learn more about the world’s first DNA search engine and its capabilities? View the poster presented at Advances in Genome Biology and Technology (AGBT) Precision Health 2019 here: