Who is Cardea and why do they own Nanosens?

Cardea’s claim to fame is being the first and only company in the world able to mass produce graphene biosensors on a commercial scale.

What are graphene biosensors?

The nanomaterial graphene can, like silicon, be used to build electronic transistors such as those inside all the computer chips running smartphones and computers. Graphene has the extra unique property of being biocompatible – meaning that the “on” and “off” stage of the transistor gate can be switched “on” if a biological signal is present, and “off” if it is not. 

This is Cardea’s novel way of making a direct connection between the complex, but precise molecular signals involved in biology with a computer’s logical calculation abilities.

The tech startup Nanosens Innovations Inc. (co-founded by Dr. Kiana Aran and Michael Heltzen) became a fully integrated part of Cardea in Q3 2019 as the two companies agreed that the CRISPR-Chip and other secret Nanosens technologies would help more people if it lived inside of Cardea Bio. 

As the Genome Sensor is the first-ever product built with the CRISPR-Chip technology, Nanosens was a well-fitting brand name for the intrapreneurship business group headed up by Ken Dickerson & his team inside of Cardea, providing the world with the Genome Sensor.

Feel welcome to visit www.cardeabio.com to read more about Cardea, our technologies, and our commitment to help create the Internet of Biology.